Sunday, August 14, 2016

Districts Wrap Up .. and the Tale of the Missing Trophies...

So we waited, we waited, and we waited a little more. The motor boats came out and made enormous waves, a little wind winkled by, more motor boats drove by. We watched. We waited. Larry Kmiecik, of Delavan brought me inside to see all the great photos his crew took on the water Saturday and he and I went through all those, picking which ones he'd send to me. People started packing up their boats. ... And then the horn went off and that was it. The regatta was over.

The districts ended more with a whimper than a bang, which happens, as we all know, and I will say here that I think Delavan did a very good job on this event. Kudos to them! Yesterday's conditions were great, and we had far more wind than the predictions I saw called for.

Meanwhile, the trophies were handed out. I'm proud to say Fleet 135 won the Fleet Trophy, with the three highest finishing boats (1st, 2nd and 5th). Hopefully that trophy will be found in the coming week and delivered to Clinton Lake soon...And when I get the photos Linda Vitt took you'll see we wore our neon shirts just like we did at the NAC. Subtle, we are not! At the districts we also have a century trophy for the top finishing boat whose captain and crew's combined ages are 100 or more. That described all but about two or three boats this weekend. We've talked for awhile about the need for a Whippersnappers Trophy or something. We really need a trophy for the team whose combined ages are either under 100 or under ... I don't know ... 50? Am I right? Let's do this!!

Meanwhile, it pains me to mention that we have not done a great job as a district keeping track of our perpetual trophies. The fleet trophy was not in attendance but we think we know where it is. The Single Hand trophy (which Larry Klick won Friday evening) is missing, as is something the Faugusts remembered as the Wisconsin Cup, which is a big, silver-colored champagne bucket-shaped trophy. No one is clear on its history, but if someone comes across it, please let us know! And perhaps we need to begin a practice of keeping a ledger of the trophies we do have and who is in possession of them. It's a shame to lose track of this treasured objects.

I know I mentioned photos, and there are some. I just don't have them yet, but when I do, I'll post them here, pronto.

Next and final district regatta of the season is the Glow, September 24-25. We heard from many people this weekend who are planning on coming. Hope to see you there!

Oh, as a P.S. : Larry Klick actually sold Popeye to a couple new to the Flying Scot who had been shopping around the last couple of weeks. I didn't catch their last name, but they are Jim and Jennifer? Janet? from Mills Lake, just an hour from Delavan. They bought Larry's boat and then Jim convinced him to come to the Glow and crew for him. It's gonna be epic!!

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