Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Post from John Cassada About Carlyle's Traveling Brigade

The “83rd Traveling Brigade” is in full force. Our first destination was to Privateer Yacht Club for their annual FS Chattanooga Choo Choo Regatta, Chickamauga Lake, Hixon, TN.

In the lead was Greg & Linda Vitt, followed by Myself with Eric Sutton as crew, Bill Vogler with Jack McClurkin, (Wilmette Harbor) and, arriving early am Saturday, Bronson & Rachael Bowling. Ben Williams & Deb Aronson from Clinton Lake with Chris Tesdal who was crew for Ryan Malmgren, Ephraim was in attendance too. With six boats from the Midwest district, two boats from Alabama, one from Louisiana and, One from Georgia speaks volumes of our host in Tennessee. That equals ten of seventeen boats were out of towner’s at the start line.

Linda K. Lind, Fleet Captain & Privateer Vice Commodore and, the entire PYC Members put on an event that compare to no one. From the minute we arrived we were treated as an extended family returning home. The Accommodations and, meals were exceptional in taste, quality and, in selection making when to stop eating a challenge. Evening were spent enjoying the day’s events on the newly completed clubhouse’s, (mostly by the members), wrap around deck. Conversations were full of stories of past and, present. Friendship created, reinstated with bantering initiated by the serving’s of Dark N Stormies.

Saturday’s racing consisted of three back to back, windward-leeward, with windward finishes. Excellent winds of 10-15 knots out of the South with gusts to create ever exciting racing start to finish. Lead changes were ever occurring on each leg and, at the marks. A lead change with four boats lengths to go provided cheers for some, not for others. That Racing! Hard to beat racing that close for 3 races. We could not have asked for a better time.

Sunday morning opened with a Flying Scot communion, (mimosas), in memory of Charlie Fowler. Rob Fowler, Dixie Lake District Governor (but no relation to Charlie) will no doubt keep the tradition flourishing.

Sunday also provided the newcomers to the newly named lake, Shift - A - Mauga. This happens when the winds shift from the West, coming over the hills breaks into directions unknown to all who sail on her! Hence the name.

There was a short delay in launching while the race committee went searching for winds. Being competitors and, spirited racer’s we headed out to find our own. RC was ready when the winds began, flags were raised & lower to begin the start sequence. Jockeying sailor’s patients were tested at the line as the race began. Winds were falling fast, boats were scattered on both side of the line trying to find air, teeth gritting and, hopes falling whenever a boat past 100 yards in front of you. Taking whatever winds you thought you saw or, felt. Everyone was looking to see if the sailor who sneezed gain an advantage by doing so. If so, each looking for something to make themselves do likewise. I believe I was not the only boat to look up the lake...wondering if we would make it across before the next barge barged into the course collecting a few Scots!

With a superior Race Committee on duty the race was called at the 45 minute mark, to a hearty round of cheers, where all the other boats were stalled at the first mark. I was still trying to find the winds as I was stuck on the far, far side of the lake having apparently followed a Shift a Mauga shift. In fact, I’m sure the leaf that just passed me I had passed 20 minutes earlier.

Overall having the racers towed in may not have been pleasurable, and it did meant less racing but it gave travelers a two hours head start for home. For some that meant arriving home the same day.
The overall racing winners were Corky and Molly Hadden Bay Waveland Yacht Club, Louisiana. The truly over all winners were Privateer Yacht Club Members, I’m honored to have meet such a group of people and, to experience Southern hospitality at it’s best.

I plan to make Chattanooga Choo Choo the seasonal event to kickoff CSA sailing season for the “83rd Traveling Brigade”. Similar to the Lake Norman’s Great 48 just much closer for us Midwesterners.

I would like to say the Flying Scot fleet is an exceptional fleet to be associated with. The people at every location I have visited and, communicated with are remarkable. Ryan Malmgren got T- bone just seconds from the race’s first start. The accident resulted in a hole big enough for your hand to fit through. Ryan had to withdrawal and, headed for shore. Ryan’s quick patch job made his boat sail worthy again. By Sunday’s departure, Ben and, Deb had agreed to take Ryan’s boat to sail in Lake Norman’s Great 48 the following weekend. After which, with Harry Carpenter entered in the Great 48 too, he volunteered to take Ryan’s boat back to Maryland to repair. Ryan ended up taking Deb and, Ben’s boat back to CLSC. Where do you find people that will help one another without pause or, concern about the task needed? This is what we, Flying Scot sailors do, without question. Your needs are our needs as our FS Fleet grows through Compassion and, Competition. The more we sail together, against each other, the better we become as sailors and, people.

In keeping with the tradition of Compassion-Competitiveness-helping your Competition, Bronson Bowling gave up a set of older racing sails to the youngest competitor, Daniel Locke, who properly went out and, place very respectful in Saturday’s races including a top 10 finish.

The “83rd Traveling Brigade” next destination is 3rd Annual Eagle Creek Sailing Club Circle City Flying Scot Regatta, Indianapolis, IN on June 12-14, 2015. To date we have Bronson and Rachael Bowling, Mike Pitzer with Al Redszus crewing, Tom Baker with his son crewing, Bill Vogler and, Eric Sutton with Myself crewing. That is 5 boats so far.

I have made plans to attend the 110th Annual Ephraim Regatta, EYC, Wisconsin on July 31-Aug 2. The last two years they had 27 boats in attendance. The Glow n Dark is September 25 - 27 at Clinton Lake, IL which I believe we have six boats planning to attend. There were 25 boats at last years starting line, breaking their previous record of 21 boats.

Will you be ONE? Will you join the “83rd Traveling Brigade”?
You must plan quickly, You must decide quickly or, will you be left behind quickly?

Semper Fi 

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