Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ryan Malmgren Carries the Midwest Flag

Ryan and Kris had a great day today, with a fifth- and second-place finish in somewhat trying conditions. The race committee was working hard to produce a sea breeze, but the wind gods were just not cooperating. We ended up sailing in a roughly westerly wind that shifted so hard that Championship boats that went to the left side, were passed going up wind by the Challenger fleet, which had seen which way the wind was blowing, so to speak..

In any event, we got in two races, which leaves one for tomorrow.

The annual meeting and dinner was delayed because we finished racing at 5, but it took more than an hour for everyone to get their boats out using the one hoist and ramp. Nevertheless, dinner began at 7, we held the annual meeting and the raffle ticket for the new boat was drawn...Dah da Dah! Norman  Wainwright, won the boat. All we know is that he is not a current Flying Scot boat owner, or at least not a member of the FSSA, so perhaps we've got another convert! Three other tickets were drawn, for 2nd place a Mad Spinnaker, 3rd place a North jib and 4th place a nice bag and turtle made by Stacey Rieu, Ryan's wife. Although all three items were very nice, it was a tiny bit of  a let down, since none of the tickets pulled belonged to anyone in the room!

Tomorrow racing starts at noon and we have a window of only one hour to get the racing complete, so we'll see what happens...

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