Friday, June 12, 2015

Eagle Creek Regatta Begins!

Here we are at beautiful Eagle Creek Sailing Club.
We're all eating burgers and brats and enjoying visiting with the Carlyle sailors and also two Ohio boats (Mark and Maria Benner and Bruce and Lynn Kitchen).
The good news is Carlyle is sending SIX BOATS!!!  Woot Woot!! So far we've got John Cassada and Eric Sutton, Mike Pitzer and Al Redszus, Mike Andreas and Linda Ditzler. Still to come? Bill Vogler and Emilio Tellini, Tom Baker (who'll be sailing with his son who lives in Indianapolis) and also Bronson and Rachel Bowling!  We heard that Bill Vogler took a wrong turn and accidentally headed toward Chicago for an exit or two. Hopefully he'll show up soon though!

Bronson and Rachel Bowling, one of Carlyle's catalysts for their travel fever

Other good news is that I replaced the camera that was stolen at Midwinters so hopefully by tomorrow there will be some photos.

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