Monday, June 22, 2015

Boy! is it ever hot out here!!

Well, here's the big news. It's HOT in Mississippi in the summer!! We did have awesome wind yesterday for the women's and juniors' regatta. Three great races. We had 8 boats for the women, which is a great number and there wee 11 juniors. I do not know how that compares to previous years. Here's the skippers' meeting.

My crew, Kim and Diane were incredible! We had a great time. We had three good starts... At least we were moving and on the line when the horn went off. We had several good tacks and several great jibes. And our ground crew (ie Ben, Dave Thinel and Greg Kampf) were incredible. Here are Greg and Ben sending us off.  In case you can't read the shirts, Ben's says "If you can read this, pull me back in the boat!" and Greg's says, "Sailing math: 10 projects to do - 9 projects done = 19 projects to do" Har Har!!

 This morning we lazed at the house drinking cappuccinos, chatting and enjoying the pool. It's now about 90 minutes til the first start. Today and tomorrow are the qualifying races. The wind prediction looks good. Stay tuned!!

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