Saturday, June 20, 2015

Heading to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi for the NAC

We are on the road to Bay Waveland Yacht Club for the 2015 NACs. I expect Ben and I will get our a**es handed to us, considering the field, which includes not only numerous past champions, but also two former Olympians!

Anyway, we are looking forward to seeing our pals and rooming with various fellow sailors, including the Midwest District’s own Ryan Malmgren, who is a few hours ahead of us on the road. We are towing our boat without a mast, which makes parking it a little easier, but is really a pathetic sight. Happily we’ll be getting another one later today, and Sophie will be reconstituted.

This week also will mark the drawing of the winning raffle ticket for the Flying Scot. Ben and I have a ticket, but I’m more excited at the prospect of our fleet member, Chris Tesdal, winning. The Clinton Lake Flying Scot fleet gave him a ticket as a wedding gift … Of course, if he doesn’t win, it wasn’t much of a gift!!!

I’m looking forward to giving the women’s championship a try. My crew will be Kim Thinel  (Florida District) and Diane Kampf (New England District). Aren’t they good sports?! I’m also really looking forward to some really good seafood/Cajun meals, which I will report on as time allows.

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