Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We Have a Regatta!

Well, we had two good races today and so no matter what we have an official regatta! It was a very hard work day, with the wind going up and down and up and down in pressure. We had some moments where we were keeping speed with some of the top sailors, but at the end of the first race, which finished downwind, the wind just freaking shut off. The water went to glass, a whole mob of boats was all trying to ghost over the line while the challenger fleet was coming up fast with some fresh breeze. Argh!!!

Ryan and Kris had a good first race. They were in second place most of the race, when the wind shut down and a few boats drifted past and grabbed a fourth. Second race Ryan did pretty well too. Frank and Marianne and Ben and I had a less stellar day, which is a bummer, but we have a couple more days to redeem ourselves.

For results go to:

After we all came in and many boats were waiting at the crane, this monster storm came in. It was EPIC!

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